Not exactly a life sentence for peanut seller, but close

UPDATE The former owner of one of the nation’s largest peanut processing operations was sentenced today to the heaviest prison sentence ever given for knowingly selling pathogen-tainted food. The U.S. Justice Department had urged that Stewart Parnell be imprisoned for life after being found guilty of more than 70 felonies. … Continue reading

A Life Sentence For Food Poisoning Could Make America’s Food Safer

Today may be a landmark day for food safety in this country. If a federal judge follows Justice Department recommendations, the former owner of a huge peanut processing operation could be sentenced to life in prison for knowingly selling salmonella-tainted peanut products. It would be the stiffest penalty ever doled … Continue reading

Raging horse meat scandal has more intrigue and players than the French connection.

There has never been a dearth of controversy over selling and consuming horse meat. But now we’ve got Interpol investigating criminal mobs from Italy, Russia, Romania, Poland and other countries for the sale of the high–profit, tender meat. “When selling any food product, there is always money to be made … Continue reading

No emperor’s food tasters available for inaugural events, but FDA says it’s on the job

To the best of my knowledge, U.S. presidents don’t have official food tasters protecting them from poisons as ancient Roman emperors did. The Secret Services has a so-far successful (and undisclosed) system for picking the president’s rubber chicken from several hundred others being plated up for a banquet. Nevertheless, the … Continue reading