A glezel varms? Well, kinda. It’s plastic varms, actually.

I love the Yiddish expression, “a glazl varms” or literally, a glass of warmth. The old-time belief that tea tastes better out of glass is absolutely right. But this expression really hints at something else: hospitality, a relaxing break, a moment of grace.

I saw a product recently at New Seasons Market that struck me as a friendly sort of glass. Well, plastic.  It’s an Oregon company called Copa di Vino — wine in single-serving recyclable containers.

Go to the peanut butter, take a left, then straight for 2 aisles...

For the most part I’ve found that catchy packaging of alcohol is a way for  booze purveyors to charge more for something “vintage” or to get younger people to drink more, e.g., those lemonade-like things in containers that look like mason jars.

This product, though, seems different. It’s an easy way to take a small serving of wine on a picnic or hike. You can put them out at a party instead of the open bottle that draws drunk ol’ Uncle Bob in like a magnet. You can snap one open instead of strangling your partner who used the only corkscrew in the house to open a paint can.

I have no idea if this wine is any good. (I don’t drink the stuff myself.) For all I know, plastic is to wine like wrestling is to cable TV. Sure, it’s there, but we don’t need to encourage it.

But, whatever, it’s innovative. And the website does an admirable job of using normal-looking people instead of the improbable bar hoppers (and impossibly glamorous lifestyle) that’s used in the hard-sell of most alcohol.


–Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett



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