And, speaking of Occupying….

True foodies can make our favorite subject the center of any discussion, but food (and lack thereof) really is at the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The “Food Justice” movement is arguing loudly against the shameful reality that this rich country can’t seem to feed its working poor and destitute folks.

Agri-business has a seat at the fat-cat table, of course. (Mother Jones has some recent thoughts on those huge monopolies.)

Some foodies are focusing on the most basic of basics. Witness the SF Weekly blog post about “Top Five Foods to Bring to Occupiers.”

The Food Watchdog Staff begs to differ with that blog’s notion of condiments as crucial to keeping the Wall Street challengers happy and well fed. An army moves on its stomach, and all that, so we’re thinking portable protein (turkey jerky; tuna in a bag; cheese, nuts…) as well as the life-necessities of water and chocolate, of course. (Carbs are easy: bread. Or, Rice Chex for the gluten-hating marchers.)

The whole discussion of the haves-and-have-nots gets very clear when considered in the form of the map shown here. (Created by Think Progress.) Whether you’re viewing it with money, food, healthcare or other commodities in mind, it whacks you over the head with the point.

–Food Watchdog Staff




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