Staying up on Irish food news.

One of the sites way down my list of “food misc” bookmarks is IrishCentral, which is just what it sounds like: A philo-Irish online magazine that’s been around for about three years. It contains the entertaining oxymoron of an Irish food section.

Along with the recipes for corned beef and cabbage and soda bread, it has the occasional grumpy diatribe about things that are Irish by virtue of the author, the involvement of the color green, or any mention of Guinness.

When I checked the site out on my weekly journey to the bookmark frontier, I found a Florida chef, sternly reminding me that key lime pie, with its rich local history, should never, ever be tinted green with food coloring.  Key limes are yellow, for one thing. He obviously knows, as I do, that green food coloring should be reserved for making mashed potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day.

As usual, I came away with some useful, not remotely Irish food factoid from the site: More than 40 years ago a brave lawmaker in the Sunshine State tried and failed to pass a law that would levy fines for people misrepresenting pie as key lime when it was not.

This tidbit was not as impressive as an earlier post stating that Hot Crossed Buns made on Good Friday will not go moldy, but it does reinforce my sense that Florida is a corrupt political machine. And I’m sure it did not get as many hits as the post headlined, “Queen Elizabeth’s Love Affair With Irish Horses,” but what could?

In any event, the site also motivated me to go to FoodIreland, which this morning was leading with “Everything you need for the perfect bacon sandwich!”  Unable to leave a great idea alone, these purveyers then listed prices for imports of rashers, Weetabix and saint’s preserve us: butter.

As an Irish Jew, I have a particular interest in this niche subject. Now I know how those mysterious religious dietary laws came into being. Some ancient Celtic host served a Jewish guest a bacon and butter sandwich. You’d be motivated to write up a long list of kosher regulations to avoid that experience again too.












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