Local berry makes good

The açaí berry, that gotta-have-it antioxidant, has a very different rep back home in the Brazilian Amazon.

Seth Kugel writes an enlightening piece on the purple fruit (say “ahh-sigh-EE”) in The New York Times. He reports that the açaí craze here amuses the locals, who have long been chowing down on the berries as cheap, filling meals.

He writes:

Açaí’s international reputation as an energy booster and diet aid tickles those who grew up with it as a caloric side dish.

“I find it funny,” said Letícia Galvão, a psychologist who was having a lunch of seafood and açaí with her husband and 1-year-old daughter at a restaurant called Point do Açaí. “Generally, when you have açaí here, you take a nap. There, it’s an energy drink.”

Check out the whole story, here.

–Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett


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