Step away from that brownie…

New York City’s public schools want to nix the sale of homemade baked goods to kids–what better way to get a handle on childhood obesity? A new set of rules being considered would, however, allow some packaged snacks, like that well-known health food, Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

A New York Times blog item includes this description of the proposed food rules:

“To qualify as an approved item, a snack must meet 11 criteria developed by the city. For example, all products must be in marked, single-serving packages with a maximum calorie count of 200. Artificial sweeteners, like Splenda, are banned. Less than 35 percent of the item’s total calories may come from either total sugars or fat. Grain-based products must contain at least 2 grams of fiber.”

In other words, pretty much everything they eat at home is banned. Good luck, New York.

Check out the whole story, here.


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